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Internap Opens London CDN Site

Internap has broadened the reach of its CDN network with the completion of a London PoP.

Internap Network Services (INAP) has broadened the reach of its content delivery network (CDN) with the completion of a point of presence in London, the company said this week. The additional facility will offer improved content delivery to Internap's global customers, including Disney and The London PoP, which is the first of three major site expansions announced in April, gives Internap 43 global service delivery points to support its nine major CDN delivery points in Los Angeles, Seattle, Atlanta, Silicon Valley, Chicago, Washington, D.C. and Amsterdam.

"This expansion is part of Internap's plan to accelerate growth and scale the business, while improving our ability to manage, deliver, distribute and monetize customer's Web assets," said James DeBlasio, president and chief executive officer of Internap. "We are expanding our facilities and services to meet the enterprise needs created by an emerging wave of rich media-based communications.Internap's approach to managing the CDN build-out ensures that we leverage existing technology assets and manage capital expenditures within strict financial guidelines."

Internap will store and deliver content at the London PoP to improve the speed and delivery of customer's rich media applications, such as software, video and audio streams. The London PoP features fault-tolerant storage architecture, traffic load balancing and disaster-proof redundancy, which will dramatically improve performance and reliability in the region.

"The launch of Internap's London PoP improves our ability to service global contracts," said Philip N. Kaplan, chief strategy officer of Internap. "Live, on-demand and progressive downloads all need the scale, capacity and global features that Internap offers. With completion of this major service point, we can ensure a high-quality user experience, while saving companies from the expense and rigors of building, managing and maintaining an in-house network solution."