Stargate Blogs Its Data Center Buildout

Stargate is photo-blogging the construction of its 86,000 SF data center in Oak Brook, Ill.

Last month we had the 60-day data center project, in which the completion of a 4,800 square foot server room was live-blogged by the staff at Pipe Networks in Australia. This month Stargate Colo is blogging its buildout of an 86,000 square foot stand-alone data center in Oak Brook, Ill., which is a more substantial project than the Pipe Networks facility. The facility is scheduled to open next month.

Stargate has been posting photos of the construction effort since March, which document the building's transition, complete with cranes, cement trucks and generators. The new facility, which was announced in February, will have a capacity of 2,200 cabinets. Stargate is best known as an ICANN-accredited domain registrar, but also offers hosting and colocation services. Its current facility is located in Napierville, Illinois.