HP Blows A Data Center To Bits

HP "blows a data center to bits" to demonstrated the fail-over capabilities of its equipment.

How far will data center vendors go to demonstrate the disaster-proof nature of their products? Pretty far, it seems. First we had Sun Microsystems putting a Blackbox on a shake table to simulate a major earthquake. HP has turned the publicity stunt volume up to 11, and has actually blown up an entire data center (link via ComputerWorld) to demonstrate the fail-over capabilities of its technology.

At a high-tech ballistics center managed by National Technical Systems in Camden, Arkansas, HP simulated a gas leak using real explosives that resulted in a very real explosion and datacenter destruction. What was blown up? Products from the entire spectrum of HP products, including HP servers, HP StorageWorks products, HP Software and HP Procurve networking products running in five operating environments

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