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Thureon Demos Wall-Mounted Racks

A New Zealand company is introducing a wall-mounted rackmount server system at Interop.

A New Zealand company called Thureon has introduced a wall-mounted rackmount system, which it says will allow allow companies to deploy servers outside the data center, including "harsh environments or locations that lack space or physical security." Thureon is touting the Armarac wall-mount system as a "zero-footprint" solution.

The Armarac unit can hold 5U worth of 19-inch servers, which are mounted vertically using Thureon's patented Vertiblade hinging system. The unit is priced at about $10,000 and is available now. Curious what this would look like? David Berlind of ZDNet got a sneak preview at Interop and has a video on his blog. A Flash demonstration is also available on Thureon's web site.

The unusual design resulted from a customer's requirements. "We were working with a project management company in Auckland that needed a temporary remote office in a factory," said Thureon co-founder Darren Smith. "It was hot, dusty, and without any place to put the equipment