Data Bunkers Move Inside the Office

An Ohio company has built a steel-walled data bunker inside its offices to provide extra protection from disasters.

What do you do if your data center is nearly trashed twice by forces beyond your control? That's what happened to MSApple, an Ohio-based firm that grappled twice with serious external threats - a fire elsewhere in their building that caused smoke damage to IT equipment, and a flood from a burst pipe outside the company's offices, which stopped just short of soaking the data center.

The company's solution was to build the equivalent of an IT "panic room" - a modular steel-walled data center inside the company's building that serves as a secure interior space to seal out physical hazrds. Mark Fontecchio tells MSApple's story over at TechTarget. The 2,000 square foot facility was built in a week and cost $40,000. It looks like an innovative way for companies with limited budgets to better secure parts of their data center infrastructure.