Cummins to Host With AT&T

Cummins, which makes data center generators, has signed a multi-million dollar five-year hosting deal with AT&T.

Where does a company that makes generators host its mission-critical web site? If you're Cummins, you host with AT&T, which will provide the manufacturer of diesel engines with 4,000 square feet of space at its Birmingham data center in the U.K. The new site will replace one of Cummins' aging data centers that was out of capacity.

AT&T said the contract with Cummins represents a multi-million dollar five-year hosting contract. "AT&T has always had a strong relationship with Cummins, and we felt that it had a superior data center solution with the added benefit of being on the AT&T global network," said Bruce Smith, Director of Computing Services for Cummins. "AT&T has been managing networks and collocation facilities longer than any other provider, and this experience factored into our choice." Cummins anticipates migrating systems into the AT&T facility by mid-2007.