Metrics Matter for Data Center Managers

Data center pros are keenly interested in metrics for measuring facility reliability and performance, according to

What are the hot topics for data center managers? Matt Stansberry of SearchDatacenter put together a list based on some of the trends he's seen in their readership this year. First on the list is anything about metrics used to rate data center reliability and performance. Matt explains:

Data center pros are looking for metrics. You can't manage what you can't measure. Systems like the Uptime Institute's Tier Ratings, Syska Hennessy's Criticality Levels, server energy efficiency metrics from the EPA, cooling guidelines from ASHRAE and a continuing interest in ITIL will be in demand for 2007. The tools to measure data center performance are out there, but it takes digging and some knowledge to use them.

As evidence, Matt notes that the top stories at his site this year concerned metrics, with an item about misuse of the Uptime Institute's Tier system topping the list (you'll need to register to access the linked articles).