Media Buzz as Google Occupies 111 Eighth Ave.

Google's new 300,000 square foot data center at 111 Eighth Avenue is generating buzz as it begins to occupy the facility.

Google's lease of 300,000 square feet of data center space at 111 Eighth Avenue, one of the major carrier hotels in Manhattan, has been well known for more than a year. At the time, the lease was reported by the New York Post, Real Estate Weekly and GigaOm in addition to our coverage here.

Tracking Google's every move has become an industry unto itself. So it's no surprise that as Google moves closer to occupying the space, the company's facility at 111 Eighth is generating buzz among media outlets that are now joining the story. The Village Voice has a substantial story, estimating that Google will pay more than $10 million annually for the space.

Meanwhile, eWeek's GoogleWatch has the details on the new Google Cafe, the naming conventions for conference rooms, and the order in which departments will occupy the facility (HR and sales first, then engineering).