Google's Celebrity Data Center

Google's data center in The Dalles, Oregon has earned celebrity status, complete with a spread on Flickr and a mention on ValleyWag.

We've discussed the Fight Club Rule of data center secrecy. Despite Google's efforts to be low-key about its new data center in The Dalles, Oregon, the huge facilty has become the rock star of the data center universe. The New York Times featured the data center in a front-page story on June 14, spotlighting it as a symbol of the prominent role of infrastructure in Internet business.

The facility's celebrity status was affirmed this week when photos of the site were posted on Flickr and then linked on ValleyWag, where blogger Nick Douglas had some sport with the hubbub:

Now, some folks might tell you that every big tech company builds data centers in the middle of nowhere (no offense to the fine people of The Dalles), but this here is a Google data center. The gentleman with the suit tells me that means it's infused with magical PageRank and BrinJuice.