HP Promises Savings with New Blade System

HP promises that its new line of blade servers will be more energy-efficient and save you money. But they're not compatible with the current generation of HP blade systems.

Hewlett Packard today unveiled its new HP BladeSystem, which the company says includes "innovations in virtualization, power and cooling, and system management capabilities that can reduce both operational and capital expenditure costs by 46 percent in a typical data center implementation." What's that about cooling?

For the first time, customers can minimize energy costs and environmental impact and ensure application availability with control efficiency at the component, enclosure and rack levels. ... The ultra-efficient HP Active Cool Fan cuts server airflow by 30 percent and energy consumption by 50 percent compared to traditional fans. In addition, the c-Class architecture can deliver power savings of up to 40 percent or more versus rack-mount servers.

So what's the hitch? "HP's new c-Class blade platform is not compatible with HP's previous blade platform, which creates some pain for customers and fodder for competitors," notes Dan Farber of ZDNet.

"The HP BladeSystem c-Class portfolio leverages the best technologies across HP