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Better Backup with Software You Already Have

Sponsored By: Cloudian

This paper provides 8 ways you can get predictable performance and meet your backup window and RTO/RPO objectives without changing your processes. Continue Reading

The 7 Critical Success Factors for Choosing a Reliable Data Center Provider

Sponsored By: CyrusOne

Learn how savvy IT leaders evaluate outsourced data centers to reduce operational costs, focus IT staff back on the business, and extend their resources to innovate to meet the demands of marketplace.  Continue Reading

Why Local Data Centers and Cloud Provider Partnerships Have Become Inevitable

Sponsored By: LightEdge

Download this whitepaper to learn why local data centers and cloud provider partnerships have become inevitable and why understanding the components are paramount to a successful and secure partnership. Continue Reading

Data Center Reliability Matters

Sponsored By: IO Data Centers

Data center outages costs have been recorded up to $740,357 in 2016 – a 38% increase since 2010. Additionally, there are indirect costs to consider, such as financial penalties related to non-compliance, loss of trust, lost productivity, and even job loss. Based on this new information it is imperative to ensure the reliability and availability of your data center infrastructure. Continue Reading 

The Venturi effect and how it affects your data center efficiency

Sponsored By: Alfa Laval

The Venturi effect was coined in 1979 by Giovanni Battista Venturi. It’s a phenomena in which a fast-flowing river funnel into a narrow channel through the gap between two peaks. As the air flows through the constriction with increased velocity, the low pressure is a driving force for the surrounding air to be sucked into its tail. The pressure differential and the resulting suction can be experiences when cold and warm air collide. This is an effect that creates problems in a data center. Continue Reading

Evolving Data Landscape Creates Challenges For Array Of Industries

Sponsored By: QTS

As businesses and agencies face increasingly complex security requirements, it makes less and less sense for these organizations to invest resources in the operation and management of their own data centers. Enterprises are leaving the data center business, opting instead to seek a partner for their data center, colocation and cloud needs. Continue Reading

Building Secure Metro Cloud Fabrics with Cloud Xpress 2

Sponsored By: Infinera

Hyperscale cloud service providers are making the move to 100 GbE to build and scale their cloud networks in metro areas around the globe. To succeed, they need a purpose-built metro data center interconnect solution that can deliver multi-terabit scalability with security, simplicity, and operational efficiency. Find out how the Infinera Cloud Xpress 2 enables cloud service providers to build secure metro networks. Continue Reading

How to Prepare and Respond to Data Center Emergencies

Sponsored By: Schneider Electric

This paper describes a framework for an effective emergency preparedness and response strategy for mission critical facilities. This strategy is composed of 7 elements arranged across 3 categories: Emergency Response Procedures, Emergency Drills, and Incident Management. The paper describes each element and offers practical advice to assist in implementing this strategy. Continue Reading

5 Great Reasons To Use Colored Rack PDUs

Sponsored By: Raritan

In this eBook we identify the advantages of colored rack PDUs. From keeping data centers safe and organized through branding and light optimization for dark racks. Continue Reading

The Connected and Efficient Datacenter

Sponsored By: CommScope

The authors, highly experienced in both copper and optical fiber technologies in the broadcasting arena, will lay many of these concerns to rest. New and advanced factory pre-terminated plug-and-play optical fiber and connectivity solutions provide a simple, cost effective, and more reliable migration path, while preparing the facility’s infrastructure for the even higher data rates and bandwidth demands of the future.Continue Reading

Enabling Tomorrow’s Connected Infrastructure For IoT

Sponsored by: Legrand

Download this whitepaper to learn some important things to consider when designing infrastructure to support tomorrow’s needs. Continue Reading

Renewable Energy and Data Center Services 2016

Brought to you by: Data Center Knowledge

These simple recommendations can help optimize the airflow and will let you keep yourself and your servers cool. Continue Reading

Fine-Tuning Your Cooling System for Better Efficiency

Brought to you by: Data Center Knowledge

Renewable energy is growing in importance on the list of considerations companies use when choosing a data center provider. The trend is illustrated by big renewable-energy investments several major data center providers have made recently, citing growing customer demand. Continue Reading

Remote Management

Sponsored By: Server Technology

When you hear the words “remote management,” what picture comes to your mind? Consider changing your datacenter design to incorporate the best the industry has to offer in the way of power distribution. This brief explores remote power management as a way of ensuring that your datacenter works for you and not the other way around Continue Reading

Ability to Build Hyper-Scale Data Centers at Hyper-Speed Helps Eliminate IT Expansion Risk and Uncertainty

Sponsored By: CyrusOne

CyrusOne Solutions built-to-suit data center product is the best solution for cloud, internet or enterprise customers who need quality data center facilities built in the shortest time possible. Read more about this solution in this case study. Continue Reading

Start your hyper-converged journey with the VxRail Starter Kit

Sponsored By: VMware and VCE

The journey to hyper-converged starts with VxRail™. Read this guide for an introduction into a new hyper-converged infrastructure appliance designed to modernize your data center. See how innovative companies are tapping the power and agility of the software-define data canter with VxRail. Continue Reading

Kahu Compute: Crush Your Cloud Costs

Sponsored By: Lightcrest

Read this whitepaper to learn more about Kahu, a hybrid cloud platform that converges cloud infrastructure costs to zero, allows customers to deploy massive amounts of compute and storage at the lowest possible cost, without the risks associated with building their own hybrid cloud. Continue Reading

2016 IT Skills and Salary Survey

Looking to get ahead in IT, whether knowing what skills to recruit for as a manager or what you should brush up on to stay at the top of your game? Then you have come to to the right place. In the 2016 IT Skills and Salary Report, you’ll gain insights based on interviews with over 14,000 IT professionals from around the globe with a heavy focus on North America.Continue Reading

Preventing IT Heat Disasters

Sponsored By: MovinCool

The introduction of a relatively new class of commercial portable air conditioners, also called portable spot coolers, provides Data Center managers with a convenient way of solving their backup air-conditioning problems. In addition to being quick and easy to install, portable spot coolers are self-contained units that have little or no infrastructure impact. Continue Reading

Strategic, Financial, and Technical Considerations for Wholesale Colocation

Sponsored By: RagingWire

The Total Cost of Ownership “TCO” is a basic concept and should be easy to calculate. However, some elements of data center costs are somewhat more difficult to identify, which can be overlooked or are simply unaccounted for (or perhaps underestimated), that CIOs, CTOs and others in the C-suite should consider when evaluating their data center options as part of their global plan.

This whitepaper will examine the benefits and trade-offs, as well as other strategic issues such as geographic diversity and redundancy and ultimately the data center Total Cost of Ownership. Continue Reading

5 Data Center Federation Factors to Help Prepare for the Internet of Things

Sponsored By: Ciena

Data center providers are joining forces to meet their enterprise customers’ growing bandwidth and performance demands, especially requirements for high availability and secure information storage and resiliency. Continue Reading

Colocation – The Essential Buyer’S Guide

Sponsored By: Internap

This colocation buyer’s guide includes a checklist of important factors to consider before choosing a provider, along with buying criteria to help you make the best decision for your infrastructure needs. Continue Reading

Compliance Challenges And How To Solve Them

Sponsored By: Fortrust

This white paper provides an overview of compliance requirements, including those for PCI and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). It also summarizes three critical compliance mistakes you may be making. For instance, one of the common myths associated with compliance is that transferring responsibility of IT infrastructure to a third party, such as a data center, will place responsibility on the IT service provider. You can also learn how a data center can ease the burden of compliance. Continue Reading

Cloud: The Essential Buyer’s Guide

Sponsored By: Internap

This cloud buyer’s guide includes important information about the advantages of an open source cloud platform, benefits of managed services and self-service as well as considerations for evaluating cloud solutions. Continue Reading

The Executive Guide to Data Center Migration

Sponsored By: CenturyLink

Today’s modern IT environment is rapidly expanding beyond the means of their existing infrastructure. Cloud computing and data-on-demand have become the new norm in the business world as more data is being pushed through the modern data center. Continue Reading