SC09 Wrap: Aurora, Gore, Fusion i/o, Green 500

A roundup of headlines from last week’s SC09 conference, includins items on the Aurora supercomputer, NVIDIa’s Fermi GPU, Al Gore’s keynote speech, the Green 500 rankings, and federal agencies embracing SSD storage from Fusion-io. Read More

Company X Plans Oregon Data Center

A “well-funded, well-known company” is negotiating to build a large data center in central Oregon, and the secrecy surrounding the negotiations have folks in the town of Prineville wondering who it might be. Read More

eBay Apologizes for Search Snafu

eBay’s search feature, which is a key to connecting the site’s millions of buyers and sellers, was down for much of Saturday, prompting an apology to users as eBay restored search functionality in phases. Read More

SWAT Team 1, Servers 0

A data protection firm wanted to depict what a genuinely catastrophic data loss might look like. So they had a group of heavily-armed guys shoot the dickens out a server cabinet. Blammo, indeed. Read More

Slashdot: Evaluating A Data Center

A Slashdot discussion on evaluating data centers features more than 200 comments about what to look for and avoid when selecting a data center, including questions to ask when touring a facility. Read More