Wikipedia’s Data Center Overheats

Wikipedia was offline for several hours yesterday after a cooling problem in Wikimedia’s European data center led to a heat condition that caused a server shutdown. A DNS problem during failover caused additional downtime. Read More

Datapipe Taps Wind Power for NJ Site

Managed hosting provider Datapipe said today that it will offset the carbon impact of its data center in Somerset, New Jersey by purchasing renewable energy certificates (RECs) based on wind power. Read More

Roundup: Intel Xeon 5600 News Abounds

Vendors continue to announce new product offerings around the Intel (INTC) Xeon 5600 series processor, which bundles security, performance and energy efficiency enhancements in the first 32-nanometer processor. Read More

Tim O’Reilly: Navigating The New Cloud Era

Tim O’Reilly has seen lots of emerging technologies integrated into everyday use. In this video, O’Reilly discusses the potential for cloud applications to accelerate innovation, as well as the challenges in navigating the “uncharted waters” of privacy and security. Read More