Blue Waters and the Supercomputing Frontier

As petascale computing becomes a reality, the supercomputing community is already discussing exascale computing. The Blue Waters project is among the supercomputers pushing the boundaries in power and system design. Read More

CyrusOne Opens New Houston Data Center

High-density colocation provider CyrusOne announced Wednesday today that its West Houston data center is open for business. An energy company will be the anchor tenant, taking 12,000 square feet of space. Read More

Major Data Center Outages of 2009

It’s hard to say whether data center outages were more frequent in 2009 than in the past. But they were certainly more visible, as round-the-clock consumption of blogs and social networks made downtime harder to hide. Here’s a look at 10 major data center outages of 2009 Read More

Data Center Container Wars

It was the Battle of the Data Center Containers at the Gartner expo in Las Vegas, as the 40-foot containers from IBM, HP and SGI were all on display. Here’s a video. Read More

NASDAQ Expands Colo Deal With Verizon

The NASDAQ OMX Group is expanding its colocation agreement with Verizon Business, the two companies said yesterday. The expansion continues the arms race between financial data centers in northern New Jersey, where stock exchanges are competing with colocation and hosting specialists. Read More