2012: No Apocalypse, but Space Weather Threat?

The year 2012 will bring the next peak of an 11-year cycle of solar activity, which can produce sunspots and solar flares that can interfere with satellite and radio communications on earth. Is your data center ready? A look at some common-sense preparations. Read More

Power Grid Hacking Back in the News

Can hackers disable the U.S. power grid? This issue, which has been debated for years in the security community, is once again in the news after a segment on cybersecurity on CBS’ 60 Minutes Sunday night, which reports that hackers disabled parts of the power grid in Brazil in 2005 and 2007. Read More

Fortune Gets LEED Gold in San Jose

Fortune Data Centers has earned Gold certification for its San Jose, Calif. data center under the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) program for energy-efficient buildings. Read More

Internap Expands Seattle Data Center

Internap Network Services (INAP) said Thursday that it will expand its data center in Seattle as part of a broader effort to shift more of its colocation business from partner data centers into facilities owned by Internap. Read More