The Data Bunker Boomlet

There is growing interest in the niche for underground “nuke-proof” data storage facilities housed in former military facilities, mines or limestone caves. These subterranean fortresses have strong appeal for tenants seeking ultra-secure hosting that will survive any eventuality. Read More

Building a Bigger, Greener Bunker

The entrance to an ultra-secure data center operated by The Bunker in Kent, UK.

The Bunker in Kent, UK is one of the pioneers in the data bunker niche, and is now expanding with a new facility that seeks to combine “military grade” security with the latest energy efficiency techniques. Read More

Quality Tech Builds Its Data Center Network

An overhead view of the technical area of a Quality Technology Service data center.

Quality Technology (QTS) has quietly built a national chain of 11 data center facilities with more than 2.5 million square feet of space through acquisitions of facilities and customers from eDeltaCom, IBM, NTT America and Globix. Read More