Kahu Compute: Crush Your Cloud Costs

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Read this whitepaper to learn more about Kahu, a hybrid cloud platform that converges cloud infrastructure costs to zero, allows customers to deploy massive amounts of compute and storage at the lowest possible cost, without the risks associated with building their own hybrid cloud.

Read more about the benefits of Kahu, including:

  1. Kahu cuts cloud costs upwards of 64% over competing cloud platforms.
  2. Kahu outperforms AWS EBS by a factor of 3x as a measure of I/O throughput
  3. Kahu outperforms AWS EBS by a factor of 16x as a measure of latency spread.
  4. Kahu is upwards of 6x more cost-effective per IOP than AWS EBS.
  5. Kahu provides a turn-key hybrid cloud – empowering businesses of any size to reap the economic and performance benefits of hybrid cloud – without the need for a datacenter.

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