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Unleash the Full Potential of BYOD with Confidence


In working with today’s business environment – managers now have to answer demands around more users, more data, more cloud and; many more devices. Of course, organizations don’t want to take ownership of user-owned devices. However, they still want to manage and control the workload that is delivered to these end-points. Read More

A Look at the Best Way to Build a Cloud


Business agility and the needs of today’s business environment have pushed organizations into new technological areas. Today’s IT teams are deploying cloud computing platforms to help meet the needs of market. Read More

PSSC Labs Focuses on Right-Sizing Private Clouds


Deploying a private cloud infrastructure allows companies to support more users, more functions and add more business value. In this white paper, you will learn how PSSC Labs helps create a private cloud that “right sizes” customers’ computing platform. Read More

Start Small, Grow Tall: Why Cloud Now


Over the past year, more organizations have jumped onto the cloud computing bandwagon. There’s really no doubt that many companies have already adopted some part of the cloud model. IT administrators are seeing the direct benefits in moving towards a cloud computing platform. There is the clear ability to scale, become more efficient and even simplify management. Read More

Trends Driving the Enterprise Wireless LAN


As more users bring in their own devices which require connectivity into a WLAN platform, organizations may need to re-evaluate their existing platform and see where they can optimize. In this white paper, HP and Indaba outline the key WLAN market dynamics. Read More

Modular Data Center Due Diligence

Modular solutions can benefit a variety of businesses and requirements — but not all. Similar to any data center project, proper planning is paramount. While predicting future IT requirements can be more guessing than science, it is still a vital part of the larger strategy. Investigating a modular approach means optimizing your research and making that perfect fit for realizing your objectives. Read More

Converging the Data Center Infrastructure: Why and How

Overhead cable trays run along the aisles between colocation cages in one of Equinix's Silicon Valley SV5 data center (Photo: Equinix)

More organizations are looking for way to optimize their data enter environments in an effort to meet industry demands. Through advanced technologies including virtualization, and high-density computing – your company can revisit the data center infrastructure conversation. Read More

The Importance of Networking in Data Center TCO


Today’s modern infrastructure is built around data-on-demand and a constantly connected end-user. More organizations are utilizing elements of cloud computing and are striving to be more agile. One challenge facing many organizations is that they are inhibited by their legacy network infrastructures, which are often proprietary. Read More

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