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Choosing a Data Center Cooling System

Choosing the right cooling system for your data center is essential to the success of companies that depend on achieving business-critical continuity. This white paper from Emerson looks at the total cost of ownership (TCO) around date center cooling systems. Read More

Reducing Data Center Energy Consumption

The double impact of rising data center energy consumption and rising energy costs has elevated the importance of data center efficiency. This white paper from Emerson Liebert provides variety of strategies data center manager can deploy to significantly drive down energy consumption while free physical space and increasing power and cooling capacity. Read More

Cloud Computing and IT Outsourcing

Many data center operators offer cloud computing products and services, but it’s sometimes difficult to understand the benefits. This white paper from Hosting.com provides insight into what cloud computing can mean for your company in terms of efficiency, flexibility, and cost savings. Read More

Reduce Energy Consumption & Cooling Cost

In the quest to reduce energy consumption and cooling costs, data center managers have been looking more closely than ever at the energy efficiency of their uninterruptible power systems (UPSs). This white paper from Eaton shows a simple change in your power system can pay for itself many times over— and return thousands of dollars to your budget. Read More

Multi-Mode UPS Units Can Boost Efficiency

New UPS units can maximize efficiency by operating in multiple modes, changing their operating characteristics to adapt to the electrical conditions of the moment. This white paper from Eaton looks at key questions to ask when evaluating multi-mode UPS units. Read More

Powering Through the Economy

Data centers of every size are looking for ways to power ahead through today’s difficult economy. The strategies discussed in this Eaton white paper represent five strategies for protecting the environment and boosting your bottom line Read More

Best Practices for Optimizing Virtual Infrastructures

This white paper outlines a series of virtualization deployment best practices including advice on laying the foundation adding the physical and virtual environments and how to successfully pull it all together. There is also a special section on special consideration for managed service providers. Read More

Airflow Utilization Efficiency (AUE)

This paper will provides a detailed understanding of the capabilities and science of raised floor cooling, provide methods for testing tiles and provide a total cost of ownership example. One topic of particular interest is the concept of how to use “River Cooling” to reduce energy costs while improving server performance. Read More

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