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Tackling Data Center Energy Efficiency Challenges

Advances in server equipment and the need for high density computing continue to drive up energy consumption in the data center. This white paper from Schneider Electric outlines a software-based approach to the data gathering, trending, and analysis that are necessary to apply a successful energy efficiency measures in data center environments. Read More

Fiber Testing Best Practices Guide

As data center operators upgrade their network to 10 Gigabit Ethernet, they need to consider their cabling. This handy best practices guide from Fluke Networks offer important tips from handling, testing and troubleshooting your fiber network. Read More

Reduce Power and Cooling Costs with Virtualization

This white paper discusses the benefits virtualization offers and how the next generation of servers can provide up to 27 times more compute capability than the previous generation servers. Best of all, in the examples shown some operators found these strategies paid for themselves in as little as two months. Read More

Taking the Enterprise Data Center into the Cloud


Ready to work in the cloud? Get a detailed overview of cloud computing technology— common types of architectures/services and driving factors and perceived risks impacting widespread adoption. Learn best practices for optimizing critical systems for cloud deployment in existing facilities and forging a path toward an integrated DCIM approach. Read More

Transforming Your Data Center

At this time of year many data center operators are thinking about what their data center should look like a few years down the road. This latest white paper from HP, available in the Data Center Knowledge Whiter Paper Library, discusses ways to transform your data center and form the foundation for future growth. Read More

2010 the Year of Data Center Transformation

2010 marked the beginning of trend toward serious data center transformation effort for many data center operators. Much of the focus for data center transformation spending will be designated for virtualization efforts. Unfortunately, legacy servers lack flexibility and have limited I/O and memory capacity, and thus cannot scale to meet the new demands of the business. This white paper from HP and AMD looks at the forces that are driving data center transformation and provides an overview of how the ProLiant servers are designed for to meet the needs of today’s modern data center. Read More

ROI of Data Center Network Simplification

Have you ever wondered what the total economic impact would be if you simplified the networks inside your data center? This white paper from Forrester Research and Juniper Networks examines the ROI an enterprise can realize by simplifying the network architecture of its data centers. Read More

How to Select a European Data Center

Finding a European data center is a challenge faced by many of our readers. Data Center Knowledge writer John Rath has created a white paper which looks at options and best practices for selecting the right European data center strategy. Read More

Data Center Cooling White Papers

Keeping a data center cool continues to be a challenge for many data center operators. Here’s a collection of data center cooling white papers from the Data Center Knowledge White Paper Library. Read More

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