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Consolidating – Consider the Rest of the Equation

In this whitepaper Raritan explores the trend of getting more of your data center with less – less space, less equipment through technologies such as blade servers. Key to this necessary evolution is a parallel change to cooling and power and how to get the most out of that key infrastructure to control cost, uptime and extended wear of equipment.

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Is Your Data Center Cloud Ready?

This whitepaper from Emerson Network Power guides you through considerations for cloud computing data centers. It gives you a series of checklists to make sure you are ready for the cloud revolution. In a very logical way this paper covers trends, technologies and preparations needed for cloud deployment. Read More

POD Architecture 2.0 – Prefabricated Data Centers

Data Centers are more than the critical IT equipment that are housed within its walls. They are first and foremost rooms of power and climate control. Space that needs to be architecturally planned and quality constructed. As with any construction project there is an immense amount of planning and expense. Read More

Know Your Cloud

“Cloud Risky to Cloud Ready” is a new series from Emerson Network Power, examining the premise that cloud computing is a matter of understanding what you’re getting into, creating a plan and utilizing proven technology. Read More

Optimizing Your Data Center for Cloud

As the Data Center evolves, forward thinking professionals have to balance the promise of emerging technology with the practical side of cost. In “Taking the Enterprise Data Center into the Cloud” the reader will find a great explanation of what is logical and what is risky. Read More

Rack Hygiene

In this whitepaper industry veteran, Edward Eacueo, presents both a compelling discussion as well as practical advice on optimizing airflow through, in, and around the rack, also known as, “Rack Hygiene.” Read More

The Value of UNIX for Mission-Critical Workloads

While Linux shipments may be growing faster than shipments of UNIX, there remains a substantial group of enterprises that continue to use UNIX for mission-critical workloads. This research report from Forrester Consulting highlights why enterprises continue to use UNIX in the face of increasingly robust Linux offerings.
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