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Virtualization – Post Implementation Considerations

Raritan provides a compelling discussion in this whitepaper entitled, Virtualization and Data Center Management: Managing the complexities of virtualization. The premise is in understanding the benefits behind having a single audited solution for all servers whether physical or virtual. Read More

Getting Data Center Transformation Right

“Data Center Transformations: Simplify data center build outs, consolidations and acquisitions with IT infrastructure management solutions” is a five step guide that shows not only how to upgrade but how to sell the business side of the enterprise on updated processes. Read More

Data Center Consolidation: Managing Expectations

Mergers, acquisitions, right sizing and a host of other initiatives often lead to the consolidation of data centers. These projects birth a host of stakeholders from the C level to the technician with each one bearing a different agenda and criteria for success. Meeting expectations is a project within the project and this Gartner Report specifically addresses these management issues.
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Understanding the Advent of DCIM

As a data center professional you have witnessed the growth of technology, and the subsequent limitation of space and power. DCIM is the technology to help the three principal groups within the data center – facilities, networking and systems address the major issues of asset management, system provisioning, space and resource utilization and future capacity planning Read More

True Costs of Data Center Downtime

The adage, you can’t understand what you can’t measure is particularly true in trying to determine the cost of data center downtime. All levels of the Enterprise know that the price may be significant but there really hasn’t been a concrete way of measuring the issue. Read More

The “How To” of Virtualization Backup and DR

The Inherent issue with the data center professional for the small to medium business (SMB) is the “many hats” syndrome. The SMB rarely has a specialized IT team and this leads to challenges in dealing with highly technical issues such as virtualized backup and recovery – an area that requires a certain dedication and expertise. This whitepaper offers some practical advice on dealing with this critical area of business where downtime has serious repercussions.
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Why DCIM, Why Now.

Barry J. Needle, President, AGO Research, in a paper sponsored by Power Analytics provides a look into what data center infrastructure management is and why it is the key to managing the data center of the future. DCIM, as he explains, comprises systems performance management and building management systems. This paper focuses on systems performance and DCIM tools.
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5 Tips for Virtual SMB Backup and Recovery

The Small to Medium Business (SMB) faces many challenges in resource allocation. among them is administering backup and recovery. Bring virtualization into the mix and even more pieces are added to the puzzle. In this whitepaper Quest Software addresses these issues and offers five sound suggestions to the SMB Data Center professional Read More

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