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Properly Developing Business Continuity

Today’s headlines are unsettling with natural disaster stories from floods to earthquakes and even if this seems unlikely to your business, there is a real possibility of something like a fire. The key to avoiding being shut down is to have a business continuity strategy that protects the critical systems of your business. Read More

Planning for Disaster Recovery

In “Five Reasons Why Disaster Recovery Plans Fail,” Sungard looks at factors that can derail DR planning efforts. To have a plan and not treat it as a living and integral part of the IT strategy is foolish. Read More

DCIM: Giving Business a Competitive Advantage

The data center has emerged as a strategic tool in the overall corporate objective. This whitepaper examines the various justifications for a DCIM solution and how it helps to optimize systems that generate revenue, provide customer service and assist organizational assets. Read More

Monitoring Power and Optimizing Operations

In “Power System Event Reconstruction Technologies for Modern Data Centers,” Schneider Electric make the case that an electrical incident may not lead to an outage but possibly to an operating condition with serious economic and performance issues. Read More

Streamlining Colocation

Colocation is a common IT model that has enhanced data center proficiency. With the technological advances of the cloud, the enterprise has benefitted from this model but what happens when substantial infrastructure growth is on the horizon. The answer is provided in this whitepaper “Consolidating Data Center Support: Choosing one global provider for multiple markets and applications.” Read More

Storage, Virtualization and Enhancing the Cloud

The subject matter experts at Dell present “The cloud awaits: Storage for the growing virtualized infrastructure.” This technical whitepaper explains the benefits behind the integration of Dell™ EqualLogic™ PS Series iSCSI SANs and VMware® vSphere™ virtualization software. Read More

Data Center Energy Efficiency Strategies

A major concern for the IT professional administering the cost and efficiency of the data center is energy consumption. This information rich whitepaper, Tackling Today’s Data Center Energy Efficiency Challenges – A Software-Oriented Approach, is a detailed explanation of dealing with the energy questions by the subject matter experts at Schneider Electric and in particular their Square D Engineering Services team. Read More

Making the Most of an Integrated Infrastructure

Maximizing Data Center Efficiency, Capacity and Availability through Integrated Infrastructure by Emerson Network Power is a smart and logically formatted whitepaper. It outlines typical pain points for the data center professional, as well as best practices that will help to increase efficiency and add value to the bottom line. Read More

Rethink Power Monitoring

In “Power Monitoring for Modern Data Centers” noted Electrical Engineer, Reza Tajali, P.E. of Square D Power Systems Engineering, offers a quick but insightful understanding of data center energy consumption and how to measure it. Read More

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