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Smart Move: Five Steps to a Successful Data Center Relocation

One of the most important parts of conducting a data center relocation is the planning and design of the move. In “Smart Move: Five Steps to a Successful Data Center Relocation” we are able to better understand the intricate planning process that goes into a successful migration and where some plans may fall short. The idea here is to help reduce risk and ensure that the chosen environment is capable of scaling to future business need. Read More

What are the Impacts of Server Airflow Leakage in Data Centers?

Inefficient airflow can have several negative ramifications on a data center environment. Poor server performance and wasted energy resources are just a few of the drawbacks when an environment is not properly maintained. Ramification of Server Airflow Leakage in Data Centers with Aisle Containment examines several best practices and considerations in properly designing the airflow of your data center. Read More

Benefits of a Managed Hosting Platform

There are key benefits to working with a managed services or hosting provider. Whether the organization is a start-up, SMB or enterprise – using managed services has some great benefits. Physical infrastructure has always been a cost consideration for numerous organizations. This is where a managed solution can really help.
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Best Practices for a Green Data Center

Rising energy costs are at the forefront of most IT decisions, and impact operational expenditures considerably. Green initiatives vary widely in data centers and colocation providers. Having green initiatives is a start, but acting on them and having tangible results from them to demonstrate cost savings can often times be a different story. Embarking on a path to reduce costs and your carbon footprint starts with knowing the right questions to ask.
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How to Optimize Internet Performance

As business drivers demand more out of regular Internet usage, questions around performance and optimization will usually quickly follow. Bandwidth and understanding optimization methodologies are important considerations revolving around the use of the Wide Area Network. With the reliance on Internet services and its methods of delivery, more managers are asking “Can we afford not to enhance our Internet performance?” Read More

What Should Be Evaluated When Buying Cloud Services?

As IT teams are actively looking to enter the cloud space with an intelligent and flexible platform, they are realizing that one of the most important aspects of working with cloud computing is understanding the numerous variables which come with the technology. Knowing the difference between public, hybrid, and private cloud designs is important when business goals need to be aligned with an IT project.
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Decrease Your Costs By Improving DCIM

Through maintaining maximum data center availability, data center operators can avoid the significant costs associated with dysfunction and outages. Data center infrastructure management (DCIM) software is rolling in to many data center stratgies, allowing operations managers to identify, locate, and manage all physical data center assets, as well as manage capacity and streamline moves, adds and changes. Read More

Guide to Data Center Colocation

At each stage of a company lifecycle, or many times dynamically within each stage, the demands and business requirements of IT infrastructure change quickly and the organization must balance delivering the proper environment to support IT, with the return on investment that is coveted.An attractive option for many of those facing these challenges is colocation. Read More

Overcoming the IT Service Management Syndrome

The job of IT Service Management is often a monumental undertaking that can be described as a syndrome. The operational complexity of predictably assuring a portfolio of reliable services under mission critical circumstances is challenging at best. Growing complexity in IT can lead to inefficiencies and potential blind spots, and a library of disparate tools to address IT management.
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