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Differentiating Critical Capabilities for DCIM Tools

DCIM Guide

As the data center market continues to grow – one of the most critical aspects to consider will be management. Remember, we’re far beyond simple single-site management solutions. Now, learn how new DCIM capabilities are directly impacting your data center architecture. Read More

Learn About a New Next-Gen Data Center

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As an integral part of its 25-year expansion plan, premier anti-aging company Nu Skin needed a new next-gen data center to expand its global headquarters and provide a unique interactive experience. Its existing data center was showing signs of aging (which didn’t seem right for an anti-aging company). Fortunately, the… Read More

Data Center 2.0 – The Emerging Trend in Colocation

Image courtesy of tigger11th at FreeDigitalPhotos.net.

In the past decade, companies in many industries have discovered the benefits of colocation. A purpose-built data center provides a safe and stable physical environment for a company’s critical computing systems, with sufficient power, cooling, and connectivity to guarantee server uptime and availability. Multiple security layers at the facility ensure… Read More

New IaaS Benchmark Report: Internap vs Amazon Web Services

Cloud Foundry is an open source Platform-as-a-Service (Image: Cloud Foundry)

The rise of public cloud as a robust infrastructure choice over the past several years has led organizations to aggressively outsource their compute, memory, and storage needs to a growing number of IaaS providers. With increasing cloud adoption, more vendors have decided to enter this fast-growing market. As the number… Read More

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