How Can You Save Up to 30% in Data Center Operation Costs?

A look at the dense server configurations in one of the 97 data centers operated by Intel Corp, which runs more than 100,00 servers.

Data Center Knowledge’s webinar series continues with a 60-minute online conversation with Rich Miller of Data Center Knowledge and Intel’s Jeff Klaus that explains Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) and its contributions to managing power and cooling usage in the data center. Register today to join the webinar on April 28, 2013 at 2:00 p.m. Read More

DCK Webinar: Data Center Transformation


As more organizations move towards IT consumerization, cloud computing and distributed technologies, the data center will continue to play an integral part in the entire process. On March 28, join the DCK webinar and participate in this in-depth discussion of the evolution of data centers with Aaron Peterson, senior vice-president of IO, and Rich Miller, editor-in-chief of Data Center Knowledge.
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Protecting your Business with Juniper Security

The modern infrastructure has evolved to support more users, applications and a distributed data center. Cloud computing and virtualization have shifted how IT administrators, managers and even C-level executives look and deploy security. Read More

How to Build a Zero Downtime Data Center Network

The modern data center has evolved far beyond the standard one-to-one server environment. Today, we are seeing virtualization, cloud computing and many more users accessing data center resources. This new trend, coupled with IT consumerization, forces many IT administrators to find ways to more efficiently manage such a diverse platform. Read More

Simplify the Future by Unifying the Data Center

Today, most CIOs and technology executives feel both the urgency to transform their data centers and the frustration of being trapped in the past. A trend for 2012 is toward is a unified fabric based network that integrates technology silos, reduces cos and creates the flexibility business growth. Read More

Live Webcast – The World of Many Clouds

The Cloud has revolutionized the internet. Now organizations of different sizes and missions can take advantage of computing power that seemed well out of reach in the not so distant past. However there are many Cloud choices such as public or private, hybrid, hosted or shared. There are also many questions around whether to customize or work from a turnkey solution and what investment strategy to consider. Read More

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