Live Webcast – The World of Many Clouds

The Cloud has revolutionized the internet. Now organizations of different sizes and missions can take advantage of computing power that seemed well out of reach in the not so distant past. However there are many Cloud choices such as public or private, hybrid, hosted or shared. There are also many questions around whether to customize or work from a turnkey solution and what investment strategy to consider. Read More

Can You Trust the Cloud?

Cloud computing is reshaping the way information technology is stored, managed and delivered. For many forward thinking data center managers, it is the way of the future, offering tremendous business benefits. In spite of the great promise of the cloud, some government agencies and enterprise organizations are holding back from fully embracing it. For the majority of them, it all boils down to one question: Can I trust the cloud?
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Data Center Webcast: Cisco, Lee Technologies

Webcast are proving to be a great use of time as it allows many of the benefits of a physical event: learning the latest data center technologies trends and best practices; interacting with peers and industry experts. Yet, a webcast does not require the time and expense of business travel. Here are two webcast that you will want to add to your calendar. Read More

Innovations in Data Center Architecture

Recent IDC research shows that the datacenter has been a key area for investments in new technologies and these investments need to support consolidation efforts, and foundational investments to support automation. The key requirement for IT today is to gain greater utilization from the IT assets it has already deployed as well as position the datacenter for the future. Read More

Architectural Flexibility for the Data Center

In a recent survey of the Data Center Knowledge (DCK) audience the number one topic of interest was “data center design.” That makes a lot of sense when you consider that 63% of the DCK audience plans to expand their current data center or build an entirely new data center in 2011. That is why you will want to attend this live webcast from Cisco on innovations in architectural flexibility for the data center. Read More

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