A Brief Apology

Earlier today I accidentally posted an item before it was completed and available for publication. I’ve taken this item down and will repost it at the appropriate time. Our sincere apologies for the error. If you’re coming in through a remnant link from our RSS feed, check out some of our other stories and come… Read More

About Those Roofless Data Centers …

One of the most interesting elements of Microsoft’s design for its planned Generation 4 Modular Data Centers is the fact that the facilities will have no roofs. Microsoft’s Mike Manos predicted this feature would generate some debate in the industry, and he was right. Two of Manos’ colleagues at Microsoft… Read More

Video: Microsoft's Generation 4 Data Centers

Microsoft has published a video outlining key concepts for its Generation 4 Modular Data Center , which it unveiled earlier today. Here’s a look at the details of the new design, which relies on data center containers, modular pre-fabriacted electrical and mechanical infrastructure, and no chillers. Video: Microsoft Generation 4.0… Read More

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