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Iron Mountain is Taking the Data Center Underground


Iron Mountain is entering the data center business in a bigger way. The company has announced plans to build and lease data centers, starting within the Underground, its 145-acre records storage facility located 220 feet underground in a former limestone mine in Pennsylvania. Read More

Accelerate Your IT for Better Business Results


With the emergence of cloud computing, big data and IT consumerization, many data centers and organizations have redesigning their IT infrastructure. One of the biggest drivers within the modern data center is to design an environment capable of scalability, agility and of course efficiency. In creating such an infrastructure, many… Read More

Hong Kong Mulls Underground Data Centers


Land is never more dear than in global financial capital. Economic development officials in Hong Kong are pursuing an unusual solution: make more real estate by creating underground caves and bunkers that can be used as homes for new data centers. Read More

Protecting your Business with Juniper Security

The modern infrastructure has evolved to support more users, applications and a distributed data center. Cloud computing and virtualization have shifted how IT administrators, managers and even C-level executives look and deploy security. Read More

5 Questions to Ask About Your 10Gbe Data Center

Virtualization, cloud computing, and a distribute infrastructure has greatly increased the demand for data center bandwidth. More information and data is being passed through high-density servers and there has become a direct need for 10GbE network bandwidth capabilities. Why is this important? Read More

How to Build a Zero Downtime Data Center Network

The modern data center has evolved far beyond the standard one-to-one server environment. Today, we are seeing virtualization, cloud computing and many more users accessing data center resources. This new trend, coupled with IT consumerization, forces many IT administrators to find ways to more efficiently manage such a diverse platform. Read More

Securing the Mobile Enterprise

Today’s data-on-demand environment is demanding more and more out of a corporate IT department. The latest trend in this phenomenon has become BYOD. However, beyond just bringing a personal device to a corporate setting, we are now experience both the consumerization and the incorporation of user devices. The average user is beginning to use 3-4 devices to access information relevant to their jobs or role. This new push for more devices within an organization has IT security professionals a bit nervous. Read More

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