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Less Than A Year Until IPv4 Exhaustion

An interesting milestone: there is less than a year remaining until the Internet runs out of IPv4 addresses, according to Hurricane Electric, which maintains a countdown clock on its IPv6 statistics page. Read More

Roundup: Enterasys, NYI, TEAM Companies

Enterasys takes on Cisco and Brocade with “agnostic” data center switch, PARADE picks New York Internet for push into digital, Cancer Treatment Centers of America to host data with TEAM Technologies in Wisconsin. Read More

Allied Fiber: The Network Branches Out

A depiction of the Allied Fiber network concept - long-haul dark fiber connecting to local colo sites and wireless towers.

Allied Fiber is announcing a $140 million dark fiber network running from northern Virginia to New York to Chicago. The company will provide local access to the network through 19 colocation facilities located along the network. Read More

Inside Iron Mountain’s Room 48


More than 200 feet underground, Iron Mountain has developed an energy-efficient data center known as Room 48, which combines the natural cooling of the former limestone mine with recent innovations in data center design. Here’s an illustrated tour. Read More

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