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AppDynamics Adds Microservices Monitoring for Hyperscale

It’s a new style of application development that is having an impact on how modern, hyperscale data centers are managed: microservices.  It’s a design that enables individual functions of an application to scale up to meet high demand, as an alternative to replicating entire virtual machines.  Following the example of… Read More

Intel Finally Releases Its Rack Scale Design to Open Source

Just a few weeks ahead of its upcoming IDF conference in San Francisco, Intel announced Thursday that the data center asset utilization platform it has been assembling since 2013 is now ready to be shared with the open source community. Rack Scale Design (RSD, no longer called “Rack Scale Architecture”… Read More

CORD for Telcos Now a Linux Project with Google’s Backing

The biggest consumer of computing power by volume may very well be the telecommunications industry. In recent years, the world’s major telcos have been desperately urging engineers and developers to build a real cloud that works for them — one that can be staged, provisioned, and orchestrated like a common… Read More

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