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5 Questions to Ask About Your 10Gbe Data Center

Virtualization, cloud computing, and a distribute infrastructure has greatly increased the demand for data center bandwidth. More information and data is being passed through high-density servers and there has become a direct need for 10GbE network bandwidth capabilities. Why is this important? Read More

How to Build a Zero Downtime Data Center Network

The modern data center has evolved far beyond the standard one-to-one server environment. Today, we are seeing virtualization, cloud computing and many more users accessing data center resources. This new trend, coupled with IT consumerization, forces many IT administrators to find ways to more efficiently manage such a diverse platform. Read More

Securing the Mobile Enterprise

Today’s data-on-demand environment is demanding more and more out of a corporate IT department. The latest trend in this phenomenon has become BYOD. However, beyond just bringing a personal device to a corporate setting, we are now experience both the consumerization and the incorporation of user devices. The average user is beginning to use 3-4 devices to access information relevant to their jobs or role. This new push for more devices within an organization has IT security professionals a bit nervous. Read More

Nicira Targets the Virtual Data Center Network

This graphic provides an overview of how Nicira software creates a network virtualization layer to make it easier to manage virtual machines. (Source: Nicira)

Networking startup Nicira today unveiled its Network Virtualization Platform (NVP), along with an impressive lineup of companies using its product. Nicira was founded by key players in the development of the OpenFlow protocol for software-defined networking. Read More

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