China Building Huge Supercomputing Center


China is building a new supercomputing center to house the world’s most powerful supercomputer. The new facility in Changsha will house the Tianhe-1A system, which placed atop the new Top 500 rankings released last month. Read More

Students Build Leading ‘Green’ Supercomputer

A GPU-powered computer cluster created by students at NCSA.

A team of students from the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) earned third place in the Green 500 list for energy efficient supercomputing with a 33 Teraflop system that was competition’s greenest self-built cluster. Read More

High Performance Computing at Amazon

In a video keynote for SC10, Amazon CTO Werner Vogel discusses Amazon Web Services’ Cluster GPU Instance, a new offering that provides easy access to cloud-based GPU processing for the masses. Read More

To InfiniBand and Beyond

The SC10 conference and new Top500 supercomputer list are just a few days away. Let’s take a look at the interconnect methods used most frequently by the supercomputers on the list. Read More

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