Cray and SGI win HPC Deals

High Performance Computing: Cray awarded $12 million for Finnish supercomputer using Cascade technology, SGI selected by UK’s N8 Research Partnership. Read More

The Top 10 Supercomputers, Illustrated

The world’s most powerful supercomputers are striking not just for their processing power, but for their design and appearance as well. Here’s an illustrated guide to the top finishers in the latest Top 500 list, which was released this morning. Read More

Hawking is First User of SGI ‘Big Brain’ Supercomputer

One of the compute blades for the new SGI UV2000 (Photo: SGI)

Calling your product the “Big Brain Computer” is a heady claim. It helps if you have Dr. Stephen Hawking say that the product can help unlock the secrets of the universe. That’s the scenario for SGI’s UV2 computer, which is being unveiled in time for next week’s International Supercomputing Conference. Read More

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