Inside the Future Exascale Data Center

The Department of Energy plans to deploy an Exascale computing system at Oak Ridge National Laboratory by 2018. Our photo feature, Inside the Oak Ridge Supercomputing Facility, provides a look at this unique data center. Read More

Oak Ridge: The Frontier of Supercomputing

The Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility is on the frontier of supercomputing, forging a path toward “exascale” computing. The data center houses three of the world’s most powerful supercomputers, including a machine that looms as the once and future king of the supercomputing realm. DCK recently had a look inside the Oak Ridge data center. Read More

Cray and SGI win HPC Deals

High Performance Computing: Cray awarded $12 million for Finnish supercomputer using Cascade technology, SGI selected by UK’s N8 Research Partnership. Read More

The Top 10 Supercomputers, Illustrated

The world’s most powerful supercomputers are striking not just for their processing power, but for their design and appearance as well. Here’s an illustrated guide to the top finishers in the latest Top 500 list, which was released this morning. Read More

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