Sony Launches Media Storage Cloud Services


Sony today announced the launch of Sony Media Cloud Services, a new subsidiary that will serve as a virtual workspace that includes media applications to store, share and manipulate content from any location in the world. Read More

The World’s Highest Data Center


High atop the Chilean Andes, at more than 16,500 feet above sea level, lives the ALMA Correlator – a unique supercomputer in the world’s highest data center, which brings the farthest reaches of our universe into focus. Read More

How Storage is Shaping The Cloud Data Center


As multiple trends converge in the data center, infrastructure has been forced to evolve to support more agile and scalable platforms. Part of the conversation revolves around unified computing systems, while the other part revolves around something even more specific: storage. Read More

HP Converged Infrastructure For Dummies


Today’s modern IT infrastructure is more demanding than ever. With more devices, more users and IT consumerization, there has become a greater need for agility and efficiency. Many organizations have moved towards better computing practices and strive to increase the amount of users they can support – both now and… Read More

The Vatican Library Goes Digital


As the cardinals of the Roman Catholic church gather to elect a new pope, there’s also major change underway in another part of the Vatican. EMC will help the Vatican preserve valuable ancient texts in a digital format to protect these manuscripts from deterioration and decay from repeated handling. Read More

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