2011: Year of the SSD?

Disk manufacturers are putting a new spin on an old product: Solid State Drives. EMC reports that it shipped more than 10 petabytes of SSD capacity last year. Will 2011 be the Year of the SSD? Read More

Does SAN Make Tape Backups Obsolete?

Network Storage

Corporations have tried unsuccessfully to ditch tape in favor of other media for years. The arguments for replacing tape with SAN are compelling, but tape has two significant advantages over other media: cost and portability. Read More

StorageTek’s New Exabyte Storage Silo

Exabyte? You may not need a 1,000 Petabytes today, but wait 10 years. But size isn’t the most impressive thing about the new Oracle StorageTek T10000C tape drive. It uses a new head/media combo to deliver high capacity and performance. Read More

Storage 2010: Views from Industry Leaders

Storing data properly has become a large issue in the industry, especially as the amount of data stored has grown exponentially. Thought leaders presented best practices in their Industry Perspectives columns on storage in 2010. Read More

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