Roundup: EMC, Riverbed, Dell

EMC hands off Mozy to VMware and acquires NetWitness, Riverbed Technology (TVBD) adds cloud storage partners, Dell beefs up PowerEdge servers with new Intel E7 chip. Read More

Report: Apple Buying Boatloads of Storage

Apple has bought storage equipment from Isilon Systems that can support 12 petabytes of scale-out storage, according to a report in a storage industry publication. The report has sparked a new flurry of speculation about Apple’s plans for its North Carolina data center. Read More

Fusion-io: Making Apps Faster With Flash Storage

Sold state Flash storage has seen strong adoption in consumer devices like the iPad, and is now making its way into the data center. In this video, Gary Orenstein of Fusion-io discusses the benefits of flash storage and provides an overview of the market and some use cases. Read More

Big Data, and What It Means for the Data Center


Wednesday’s Structure Big Data explored the world of huge datasets and the technology needed to mine its secrets and convert them into business intelligence. From the data center perspective, storing and processing all that data becomes more important as improved analytics tools unlock value from it. Read More

Facebook’s Appetite for SSD Boosts Fusion-io

Facebook data center in Prineville, Oregon. (Photo credit: Chuck Goolsbee, Facebook).

Facebook’s appetite for solid-state storage has made it the largest customer for Fusion-io, which this week announced plans for an initial public offering. Facebook’s use of SSD aligns with the company’s relentless focus on performance and speed. Read More

Big Data and Data Center Analytics

Although there is a fair amount of hype about the words “big data,” it’s also clear that there is value in scale and efficiencies of the information factories. Here’s a look at some of the big numbers and trends in this area. Read More

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