The Sticking Power of Tape Storage in the Age of Big Data


While there was a great deal of experimentation going on in the early days of the computer industry – and while there have been a great number of innovations since – it’s fair to say that the digital storage industry as we know it today would not have occurred without an innovation created by a team of IBM engineers 60 years ago. The innovation enabled the massive calculating machines of the day to save their results digitally on reels of magnetic tape instead of on punch cards, creating entirely new ways to view and gain insight from, digital information, writes Brian Truskowski of IBM. Read More

IBM Boosts Enterprise Servers, Storage & Software


IBM unveiled several new technologies to help customers take advantage of cloud computing, and manage and analyze vast amounts of data. The new offerings include the most powerful enterprise Power Systems to date, a new high-end disk storage system and key software updates for IBM’s newest mainframe computer. Read More

Nutanix Brings SAN-free Data Center, Raises $33 Million


Nutanix has built a compute and storage infrastructure for implementing enterprise-class virtualization without complex and expensive external network storage (like a SAN or NAS). Last week Nutanix raised a new round of financing, led by current investors and joined by a few new ones. Read More

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