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Tim O’Reilly: Navigating The New Cloud Era

Tim O’Reilly has seen lots of emerging technologies integrated into everyday use. In this video, O’Reilly discusses the potential for cloud applications to accelerate innovation, as well as the challenges in navigating the “uncharted waters” of privacy and security. Read More

More Data Center Deals Likely in 2010

As the debt and equity markets begin to thaw, the planned initial public offering for the Telx Group is shaping up as the first of many transactions to come in 2010 the data center sector, according to analysts and industry insiders. Read More

StrataScale Expands Cloud Offerings

A screen shot of StrataScale's new management interface for its cloud computing service.

StrataScale this week announced an expansion of its cloud computing suite to include private cloud and hybrid cloud offerings, along with a new management portal to automate the provisioning of cloud assets. Read More

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