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Fast and Fierce: 5 Awesome Supercomputers

The twice-a-year list of the Top 500 supercomputers documents the most powerful systems on the planet. Many of these supercomputers are striking not just for their processing power, but for their design and appearance as well. Here’s a look at the top 5 supercomputers, their specs, and some cool photos. Read More

Following CA Deal, Nimsoft Gaining Traction

Nimsoft scored another big win in the cloud sector, as SoftLayer Technologies said it will standardize on Nimsoft and deploy its monitoring solution on more than 25,000 systems. Last month Rackspace Hosting (RAX) also standardized on Nimseoft. Read More

INetU Buys New Building for Expansion

INetU Managed Hosting has purchased a 46,000 square foot building in Pennyslvania’s Lehigh Valley to house additional data center space and the company’s new product development center, INetU Labs. Read More

Cloud Computing as an Energy Saving Tool

Data center energy expert Jonathan Koomey discusses cloud computing at the Uptime Institute Symposium 2010 Monday in New York.

Cloud computing presents a compelling opportunity to reduce data center power bills, according to Jonathan Koomey, a leading expert on IT power issues. Koomey discussed cloud computing and energy issues at the Uptime Institute Symposium 2010 today in New York. Read More

Secure Multi-Tenancy in Virtualized Data Centers

Cisco data center of the future

The biggest obstacle to adoption of ITaaS has been lack of confidence that data and applications are securely isolated in a cloud-based infrastructure where servers, networks, and storage are all shared resources. Cisco, NetApp, and VMWare present their solution in a live webcast May 25. Read More

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