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Big Data – What’s the Big Deal?

Numerous connectivity service providers had trouble maintaining services when global BGP routing table reached a critical threshold. (Photo by ServerCentral)

Big Data (BD) is popular on all the social networks and forums. As much as it is being discussed, there is room to clarify what BD is all about and what owners of infrastructure need to be doing in preparation. Jerry Gentry and John Burke of Nemertes Research explore this topic in a conversation about Big Data. Read More

Level 3 Launches Latin America Data Center Service

Level 3 Communications (LVLT) announced the launch of Dynamic Enterprise Computing, a new data center service in Latin America that will enable customers to rapidly scale, or burst, on computing resource consumption to cover business needs as they arise. Read More

After The Storm: Architecting AWS for Reliability

It was a stormy week in the cloud, as an outage at Amazon Web Services affected some customers and sparked discussion about resiliency strategies. (Photo by BCP via Flickr.

The recent data center outages for Amazon Web Services have prompted much discussion around the web about the best ways to configure the architecture of AWS apps for maximum reliability. Here’s a sampling of notable analysis, commentary and resources. Read More

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