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Inside the Future Exascale Data Center

The Department of Energy plans to deploy an Exascale computing system at Oak Ridge National Laboratory by 2018. Our photo feature, Inside the Oak Ridge Supercomputing Facility, provides a look at this unique data center. Read More

Oak Ridge: The Frontier of Supercomputing

The Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility is on the frontier of supercomputing, forging a path toward “exascale” computing. The data center houses three of the world’s most powerful supercomputers, including a machine that looms as the once and future king of the supercomputing realm. DCK recently had a look inside the Oak Ridge data center. Read More

Factors that Lead to Successful Data Center Strategies

With the Nemertes’ benchmark report is nearly complete, a key finding of the report indicates that centralized management is the way most people are handling their infrastructure and this centralization is closely related to the success of the IT department. This article shares insight on this significant result of the survey, prior to the report’s publication. Read More

Network News: XO, Ciena, Level 3, Akamai

Akamai (AKAM) launches Sola Media Solutions integrating cloud storage and content delivery, Level 3 (LVLT) powers the Democratic National Convention, XO Communications selects gear from Ciena (CIEN) for upgrade. Read More

Increasing Your Power System Efficiency

The power system is considered the most critical element of the data center. Effectively it is a chain of key electrical sub-systems and components that are the essential elements for delivering uninterrupted, conditioned power to the IT equipment. This article is an part of the DCK Executive Guide to Energy Efficiency and the fourth article in a 5-part executive series on Energy Efficiency. Read More

Vendors Outline API Standard for PaaS Clouds

In cloud computing news, a group of IT companies lef by Oracle, Rackspace and Red Hat are set to submit a management specification for platform as a service (PaaS), and Quantum challenges Amazon Glacier with its new Q-Cloud. Read More

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