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Sparse Data – The Next Big Thing is Small

As data center managers our role is to manage, protect, service and support the ever expanding information gathering and processing needs of the enterprise. Information used to come to us through computing infrastructure where data was input by data entry and customer service staff. Now data comes from anywhere. Any device capable of holding an IP address can become a source of data that must be captured, stored, analyzed, and archived. Read More

Book Review: Is Your Company Ready for Cloud?

Our contributor Bill Kleyman reviews recently published book on cloud strategy, which features discussion of the high-level value of cloud computing while diving into specific use-cases as well. The authors – one currently at IBM, the other a former IBMer now at Dell, really delivered the message of where the cloud is beneficial – and where there are still challenges. Read More

Glacier: Cold Cloud Storage From Amazon


Amazon Web Services today rolled out Glacier, a new “cold storage” service that expands the company’s cloud computing platform. The announcement immediately prompted questions about how Glacier works and how it may impact the storage world. Here’s a roundup of notable analysis and commentary from around the web. Read More

Nimbus Data Readies Gemini Flash Memory Arrays


Nimbus Data Systems this week introduced its Gemini flash memory arrays, a new platform that debuts several design advancements in hardware and software that offer potentially compelling operational and economic advantages for virtualization, database, and cloud initiatives. Read More

IT System Efficiency in the Data Center

In the past, IT equipment manufacturers and their data center operators were focused more on maximum performance, not energy efficiency. While the newest generations of computing hardware have continued to increase in performance, they have also become highly focused on energy efficiency. This article is the second installment in a five-part series on energy efficiency. Read More

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