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Dimon: JPMorgan Spends $500 Million per Data Center


JPMorgan Chase spends $500 million to build a data center, according to CEO Jamie Dimon. That figure places the firm’s facilities among the most expensive in the industry, on a par with investments by Google and Microsoft in their largest data centers. Read More

High-Speed Trading Networks Getting Even Faster


The fiber networks driving high-speed trading for major stock exchanges are about to get even faster. Sidera Networks says it will conduct a major upgrade of its low-latency fiber routes connecting major financial data centers in New York and New Jersey, Read More

High-Speed Trading: It’s All About the Nanoseconds


The world of high-speed financial trading has entered a phase in which latency is measured in nanoseconds. That’s the claim from Zeptonics, a new technology firm that says its new switching device can deliver latency of around 130 nanoseconds, the fastest in the world. Read More

Visa’s Data Center Has A Moat

USA Today reports that Visa’s East Coast Operations Center is protected by a drainage pond “that functions as a modern-day moat.” The story doesn’t indicate whether the moat is filled with sharks with laser beams on their head. Read More

NASDAQ Powers Up Its Colo Offerings

High-speed trading customers are packing more equipment into their cabinets, and thhe operator of the NASDAQ stock exchange is responding with a new high-density enclosure for companies that colocate their servers in the NASDAQ data center. Read More

Report: NASDAQ Queried on Financial Colo Access

Swedish regulators are investigating whether NASDAQ OMX sought to exclude competing exchanges from access to a key Verizon Business data center near Stockholm, the Financial Times reports. The investigation highlights the growing regulatory focus on data centers, which house electronic trading hubs. Read More

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