Growth Ahead for Low Latency Colo Market

Kevin McPartland of TABB Group says low-latency colo providers may see growth from smaller trading firms.

As the market for low-latency financial trading continues to grow, data center providers are likely to see growing demand from smaller trading firms, even as larger players continue to chase ever-faster “feeds and speeds.” Read More

SGI Cyclone Offers HPC in the Cloud

With its Cyclone cloud computing service, SGI has joined a number of high performance computing (HPC) providers now offering cloud services. The entry of SGI and Penguin into the cloud points to the high level of interest by the scientific and research communities in on-demand computing. Read More

HPC Customers Get a Cloud Computing Option

Six months after launching its Penguin on Demand (POD) cloud computing service, high-performance Linux cluster provider Penguin Computing said up to 200 of its 2,000-strong customer base are using its on-demand offering. Read More

Princeton U. to Build New HPC Data Center

Princeton University will build a new data center to house its high performance computing operations, the university said last week. The 40,000 square foot facility will be built on land the university owns in Plainsboro, N.J. Read More

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