What Happens to Verari’s Technology?

High performance computing specialist Verari Systems is restructuring and may be seeking buyers for its assets, according to numerous reports. What happens to the company’s technology, including its FOREST data center container.

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Wild New Design: Data Center in A Silo


The CLUMEQ supercomputing center in Quebec has transformed a 65-foot tall cement silo into a data center. Rings of cabinets within the silo (which previously housed a Van de Graaf particle accelerator) are cooled via an exterior cold air plenum, with a “hot core” in the center of the silo. Read More

Bull Debuts Mobull Container for HPC

The Moobull container (left) is a new modular offering for high performance computing from Bull, featuring its water-cooled Cool Cabinet Door.

There’s a new entry in the market for data center containers from Bull, the French IT conglomerate. The Mobull container is designed to house up to 1,620 servers and support power loads nearing 40kW per rack. Read More

SC09 Wrap: Aurora, Gore, Fusion i/o, Green 500

A look at the Aurora supercomputer from Eurotech, which uses liquid cooling and SSD memory.

A roundup of headlines from last week’s SC09 conference, includins items on the Aurora supercomputer, NVIDIa’s Fermi GPU, Al Gore’s keynote speech, the Green 500 rankings, and federal agencies embracing SSD storage from Fusion-io. Read More

Upgrading A Supercomputer

In this video, Al Enger from Cray, Inc. walks through the upgrade process of the Kraken supercomputer at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, which holds the number three spot in the new Top 500 list of the world’s most powerful supercomputers. Read More

Red Sky: Supercomputing and Efficiency Meet

Tne Red Sky supercomputer at Sandia National Labs is in the top 10 supercomputers in the world, but is also notable for its energy efficiency, including a claimed PUE of 1.035. The system usesd rear cooling doors from Sun and Emerson that eliminate the need for server fans. Read More

Jaguar Bumps RoadRunner in Top 500

there’s a change atop the leaderboard in supercomputing’s Top 500. After two years as runner-up, the Jaguar supercomputer located at the DOE’s Oak Ridge lab has overtaken the RoadRunner system at Los Alamos labs to claim the top spot.
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