Most Popular Videos: Supercomputing

We continue our look at the most-watched videos in the data center sector with a look at the Most Popular Supercomputing Videos, including one which provides a glimpse inside the NSA’s supercomputing center. Read More

Blue Waters: Awesome Power, Awesome Efficiency

The Blue Waters Supercomputer was unveiled Wednesday on the campus of the University of Illinois. The water-cooled supercomputer features the latest IBM technologies and is housed in a new data center facility with an expected PUE of 1.2. Read More

ISC 10: A Closer Look at a Blue Waters Node

In a video from ISC 10, Thom Dunning from NCSA provides a look at one of the nodes that will power Blue Waters, the powerful supercomputer housed at the new National Petascale Computing Facility at the University of Illinois. Read More

ISC10 Roundup: Intel, SGI, Bull, Cray

Intel (INTC) outlines plans for its “Knights Corner” 50-core processors, SGI unveils its Petaflop in a Cabinet offering, French atomic agency powers up its Tera 100 supercomputer, Cray receives order for XT6m system. Read More

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