E-Filing as an Efficiency Winner

Electronic filing has been a “huge win” for the IRS, which processed 94 million returns via e-filing in 2009, compared to 45 million paper returns. Sure, it saves stamps, but e-filing also bypasses an inefficient manual system required to hand-process a paper tax return. Read More

IRS Data Centers Gird for Tax Season

Tony McMahon, who oversees the data center infrastructure for the Internal Revenue Service, discusses the agency's operations Wednesday at Data center World in NAshville while colleague Linda Riess listens.

IT executives at the IRS say it has made huge strides in modernizing its data centers and hardware, which processed 139 million returns and issued $298 billion in refunds in 2009. But the GAO says the modernization effort hasn’t moved quickly enough, and continues to fault the IRS for weaknesses in its security practices. Read More

Cisco Containers Target Federal Market

Cisco Systems (CSCO) has confirmed that it is officially developing a data center container product, and is targeting the federal government – and especially the military – with its container offering. Read More

Roundup: Michigan, Massachusetts, Juniper

A look at government-backed data center projects: Michigan seeks feedback on plan for 100,000 square foot data center, while Massachusetts outlines details of $110 million state data center project in Chelsea. Read More