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Impact of a Data Center’s Energy Cost on TCO

Like fuel cost to an airline, the cost of energy represents one of the most significant Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) components in the data center. Over the long term it is one of the most variable costs, and based on current and foreseeable trends, it will continue to rise over time. Read More

Total Cost of Ownership: An Executive Overview

Total Cost of Ownership “TCO” is basic and easy to calculate; just ask any first year economics or business major. Nonetheless, the true TCO of the data center is somewhat more elusive to project accurately. There are many subtleties which can be overlooked or are simply unaccounted for (or perhaps underestimated), over the operational life of a data center. Read More

Data Center Build or Buy: Factors to Consider

Decisions made in the design and build stages will not only affect the total CapEx of the data center, but forever impact its energy efficiency and long term operating costs, as well as limiting the functional life of the data center. Here are a few questions to ask when deciding to build or buy your next data center. Read More

Understanding “Uptime” and Data Center Tier Levels

The data center industry is laden with inter-related terms such as Uptime, Tier Levels, Availability, Redundancy and Reliability. In order to make an informed decision it is important to understand what they mean and what is the actual significance for any proposals you are considering in your “Build vs Buy” analysis.
Read More

Data Center Site Selection Factors

It takes a very knowledgeable team to fully evaluate the suitability of a location to build a new data center. Many factors come into play, such as the cost and availability of sufficient and diverse sources of power (as well as water), to meet immediate and future growth requirements. Read More

Data Center Expansion: Build or Buy?

To build or buy your next data center is an age-old question for many business executives. This article series is designed to help C level business executives better understand the strategic implications and questions to be asked of your direct reports when considering whether to build, buy or lease your next data center. Read More