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Data Center Designs for Evolving Hardware


Current designs for traditional enterprise type data centers aren’t necessarily flexible enough for the myriad of newer devices coming their way. IT hardware is beginning to morph into different form factors, which may involve non-standard physical configurations, as well as unconventional cooling and power schemes. This does not necessarily mean that a traditional design will not work in the near future, however the long term IT systems planning must be evaluated to understand the potential impact on the physical issues in the data center facility. Read More

Business Justifications for a Custom Data Center

The business case for custom data centers are sometimes driven by special technical requirements, rath¬er than a better ROI. In those cases, the IT architects should be asked to make a solid business justification for its long term viability of the specialized IT hardware, as well as the competitive advantages of the leading edge technology.
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Timelines and Potential Pitfalls of a Custom Data Center


The advantages of a custom design can look and be attractive, since they may be able to accommodate non-standard IT hardware or provide very high energy efficiency or high cooling density. However there are potential pitfalls for those who have not had a great deal of experience with custom designs. Read More

Comparing Cost of a Custom Data Centers

It should be noted that a custom data center design may cost somewhat more than a standard data center. This aspect should be examined closely, a higher initial Capex alone (whether amortized or factored into a lease) should not be the deciding factor alone. It is possible that over the long run it can actually represent a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) if the custom design results in lower operating costs from improved energy efficiency. Read More

Analyzing Requirements for a Custom Data Center

One of Digital Realty's Dallas data centers (Photo: Digital Realty)

Before considering building a custom data center, you need to carefully examine your organizations requirements and compare them to the deliverables offered by the standard “off-the-rack’ designs that comprise the mainstream data center industry. In many cases the request for a custom design data center is driven by the IT department. Read More

Global Strategies: Communications and Network Design Considerations

In order to have a viable global network it is critical to closely examine the various communications providers offering in various locations. The ability to have a fully meshed network that can fail-over traffic in the event of network service outages or localized catastrophic failure is crucial. Carrier diversity via multiple providers in both the local loops, as well major network nodes bear careful scrutiny. Read More

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