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Data Center Design for a Mobile Environment

The trend toward the mobile user continues at an accelerating pace and trends indicate that the mobile applications and hardware (smartphones and tablets and even vehicle based systems) will exceed the PC based information client. While on the surface this would not appear to impact the design of the physical data center facility, long term it may well influence the some IT architecture and hardware that resides in the data center. Read More

Design for Efficient Operational and Energy Management

While most data centers have some basic form of Build Management System (BMS), any new design needs to include a highly granular network of sensors in virtually all of the systems and sub-systems of the facility power and cooling infrastructure. This is the fourth article in a series that is titled, the DCK Executive Guide to Data Center Design. Read More

Design for a Dynamic Environment

Historically, data center IT loads have been relatively stable and predictable, if viewed over a 24-hour or weekly period. This is beginning to change and this article outlines a number of causes for this. Read More

Designing for High Availability and System Failure

In the world of mission critical computing the term “data center” and its implied and projected level of “availability” has always referred to the physical facility and its power and cooling infrastructure. The advent of the “cloud” and what constitutes availability may be up for re-examination. Read More

Data Center Designs for Evolving Hardware

Current designs for traditional enterprise type data centers aren’t necessarily flexible enough for the myriad of newer devices coming their way. IT hardware is beginning to morph into different form factors, which may involve non-standard physical configurations, as well as unconventional cooling and power schemes. This does not necessarily mean that a traditional design will not work in the near future, however the long term IT systems planning must be evaluated to understand the potential impact on the physical issues in the data center facility. Read More

Business Justifications for a Custom Data Center

The business case for custom data centers are sometimes driven by special technical requirements, rath¬er than a better ROI. In those cases, the IT architects should be asked to make a solid business justification for its long term viability of the specialized IT hardware, as well as the competitive advantages of the leading edge technology.
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