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Approaches to Data Center Governance

We’ve come a long way in managing and governing data centers. In my last post, I described a data center governance assessment model, and I suspect many of you found your data center governance nearly sufficient. However, even if your assessment indicates good posture in most areas, there are certainly some areas for improvement. Read More

Data Center Governance: Managing Physical Space

Data center governance is a specific discipline. It is not the project management governance that brings more demand for DC services. Nor is it the audit and compliance governance that provides you policies for operation. It is the process by which you manage the physical space of your data center. Read More

Measuring End-to-End Application Performance

Application modeling is an important method to show the effectiveness of your architecture and designs. Not only will you see the traffic between the client and the application server, servers which provide DNS, back-end databases and other services will show up as part of the transaction. Read More

How Data Center Managers Show Their Value

As a data center manager, the deeper your knowledge of what is happening in your environment, the better you can provide and show value to your organization. Every year, Nemertes interviews hundreds of enterprise representatives asking, among other things, where they are investing, in what technologies and how successful those investments are. Read More

Choosing a Data Center Colocation Site

Choosing a colocation site? Here’s a short list of questions to help differentiate colocation providers. I call them my “outside of the box” criteria because they are items that don’t automatically come to mind. Read More

PUE Provides Insight Into Equipment Choices

Knowing what it will cost you for IT infrastructure and the support infrastructure will allow you to assess the benefit or cost of a co-location strategy. It really is a matter of risk. Do you want to take on the risk for planning power and cooling capacity as well as computing capacity? Read More

DCK Guide to Enterprise Data Centers

Data Center Knowledge has partnered with Nemertes Research to create the Data Center Knowledge Enterprise Channel with the goal of providing enterprise class data center managers with the strategies, tips, and knowledge they need to stay informed in a business that is changing every day. This report recaps the strategies covered over the past three months. Read More

Data Center PUE – What Does It Mean?

Knowing you Power Usage Efficiency (PUE), Data Center Infrastructure Efficiency (DCiE) are critical when it comes to evaluating green data center initiatives and other strategies like build or buy. Understanding the real cost in gaining power efficiency leads to a rational conversation about the best investments to make. Read More