Cloud Computing

CloudSwitch Raises $8 Million

Massachusetts startup CloudSwitch, Inc. has raised an additional $8 million to fund its development of a software product to speed enterprise deployment of cloud computing applications. Read More

Mullenweg: Open Source Trumps The Cloud

Wordpress founding developer Matt Mullenweg says although is an Amazon customer, he’d much prefer to run an optimized open source solution on leased servers than use the cloud. “I don’t even know what cloud means,” he said. Read More

PEER 1 Partners on Cloud On-Ramp for ISVs

n a move to provide an on-remap to the cloud for independent software vendors, PEER 1 Network Enterprises (TSX:PIX) is partnering with Apprenda to launch CloudXcelerator, which enables ISVs to develop and run their cloud applications on PEER 1’s infrastructure. Read More

Amazon Adds Cloud Data Center in Virginia

As Amazon’s cloud continues to grow, the company is investing in real-world bricks and mortar and server hardware to provide additional capacity. The retail/infrastructure company recently leased more than 110,000 square feet of space in northern Virginia to expand its data center footprint. Read More

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