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Dell Retools Its Supply Chain for the Cloud

Dell’s Data Center Solutions (DCS) unit is helping some of the largest players in cloud computing fill their data centers with servers. Supply chain innovation is key to meeting demainding delivery timetables for some cloud builders. Read More to Begin Offering IaaS Cloud Services

Major cloud computing providers will be able to offer Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offerings to government agencies through cloud-based services storefront, the GSA said yesterday. Amazon, Microsoft, Savvis, AT&T, Verizon Federal, SoftLayer and Carpathia Hosting are all participating. Read More

Major Cloud Buildout for Verizon Business

Verizon Business plans a major expansion of its data center network to support its push into Computing as a Service (CaaS) cloud computing offerings. The company will add cloud offerings in dozens of data centers over the next year. Read More

Paul McCartney Gets A Private Cloud

HP will work with legendary rock artist Paul McCartney to digitize his music, art and movie libraries for storage in a “private cloud” computing environment that will provide controlled access to some fans. Read More

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