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Cloud News: Akamai, Arista, IBM, Appirio

Recent headlines from the cloud computing sector include Akamai announcing cloud defense, Arista automating cloud networking, IBM announcing partner initiatives, and Appirio unveiling “Cloud Spokes.” Read More

SpotCloud Launches Exchange for Cloud Capacity


Today marks the launch of SpotCloud, an online marketplace that brings together buyers and sellers of cloud computing capacity. It’s an intriguing service that promises to allowing users and providers to maximize the economics and efficiency of their cloud operations. Read More

Are IaaS and PaaS Cloud Models Converging?

AWS Elastic Beanstalk is providing a Platform as a Service functionality on top of its EC2 Infrastructure as a Service platform. Meanwhile, Microsoft is offering an IaaS option atop its Azure PaaS platform though the Windows Azure Virtual Machine Role. Read More

New Posts for Brown, Jacob at Opscode

Cloud automation specialist Opscode announced today that Christopher Brown will become the company’s Chief Technology Officer and that company co-founder Adam Jacob has been named Chief Product Officer. Read More

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