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Instart Logic Gets $17M to Optimize Networks for Content


Cloud-based web publishing service provider Instart Logic emerged from stealth Wednesday, with a $17 million Series B funding round. The company offers a cloud-based service for web publishers that is a radical departure from traditional CDN and web optimization offerings. Read More

Verizon Terremark Backs Cloudstack and Xen


Verizon Terremark had made its first active investments in open cloud projects, investing in Xen project and Cloudstack. While the company says it has long been supportive of open standards, it believes now is the right time to get formally involved in the open-standard ecosystem. Read More

Adapt Your Technology, Services and Organization to Cloud


Let’s face it – the cloud is here and cloud computing is only going to continue to evolve. Many organizations are either looking at some type of cloud solution or have already jumped in. The reality is that the cloud can be a very powerful platform which can bring numerous benefits to your organization. Read More

In Dublin, Cool Climate Fuels Cloud Computing Cluster


Dublin is unique amongst major European data center hubs in that its appeal is based on climate, rather than connectivity. While the thriving data center communities in London, Amsterdam and Frankfurt are built atop network intersections in key business cities, Dublin has become one of the world’s favored locations for free cooling – the use of fresh air to cool servers. Read More

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