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10 Essential Domains for Moving to Private Cloud


With the expansion of cloud computing and various cloud services – many organizations are now further considering some type of cloud model. In many instances, companies looking to keep their data outside of a provider are looking to move to a private cloud platform. Where this type of environment can… Read More

As Cloud Wars Heat Up, Server OEMs Bet on OpenStack


HP, Dell and IBM have all turned to public clouds based on OpenStack to remain relevant and position themselves to capitalize on enterprise hybrid strategies. In rolling out their own offerings, they’re competing with Amazon and positioning themselves for a hybrid sale in which they sell gear and run an open cloud Read More

Five Myths of Cloud Computing

Technologies around the Internet and the WAN have been around for some time. However, it wasn’t until very recently that a specific term began circulating which was supposed to emphasize the combination of these technologies. Cloud computing was born out of the idea of a distributed computing system where information… Read More

Cloud News: Red Hat, Panzura, Avaya

News from the cloud computing sector includes: Red Hat collaborating with Code for America; Panzura winning a contract with California State, Northridge; and Avaya rolling out a collaborative cloud for cloud service providers. Read More

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