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iNetU Offers ‘Gated Cloud Community’


Managed hosting specialist INetU this week announced a “Gated Community Cloud” service designed to offer the benefits of the public cloud without some of the risks. INetU will play the role of gatekeeper, with a focus on excluding customers whose resource usage might affect fellow cloud dwellers. Read More

Regulations a Barrier to Cloud Growth in Europe

Europe needs to become not only cloud-friendly but cloud-active to fully realize the benefits of cloud computing. That’s the view of ETNO (The European Telecommunications Network Operator‘s Association) in a recently-issued paper on cloud computing development in Europe. Read More

VMware Launches Micro Cloud Foundry and vSphere 5

On Tuesday Vmware announced the beta availability of Micro Cloud Foundry, calling it the industry’s first open Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution. Cloud Foundry delivers access to frameworks and a rich ecosystem of application services from VMware, third parties and the open source community. Read More

Video: A Closer Look at CloudSwitch

How will the acquisition of CloudSwitch boost Verizon’s cloud capabilities? In this video, co-founder Ellen Rubin provides an overview of CloudSwitch’s technology and how it can help enterprises manage clouds across in-house data centers and public cloud platforms. Read More

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