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Public Cloud Security, Readiness and Reliability


When considering public cloud options, it’s important to understand where there is a direct fit. This means that both key business stakeholders as well as IT executives will need to see the benefits of moving towards a public cloud “Infrastructure as a Service” environment. Read More

Why IPS Devices and Firewalls Fail to Stop DDoS Threats

Cloud computing and the growing usage of the Internet has placed even greater demands on a corporate data center. Now, organizations are relying more and more on their IT infrastructure to be the mechanism to drive growth and enable agility. Because of this focus on the data center, concerns around… Read More

Amazon OpsWorks: Empowering and Disrupting


This week Amazon Web Services got the attention of the cloud computing community with its announcement of OpsWorks, which provides new configuration and automation features for applications housed on AWS. Here’s a look at the notable analysis and commentary from around the web. Read More

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