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Best of Industry Perspectives 2012: Storage


For data center managers and teams, there was much discussion of storage this year. Our Industry Perspectives columnists offered multiple thoughts on many aspects of storage. Here’s our Top picks of storage columns for 2012, from thought leaders from IBM, Dell, ExaGrid, Western Digital, QLogic and others.. Read More

Best of Industry Perspectives 2012: Cloud Computing


2012 marked the year that “cloud” went mainstream with rising consumer awareness of cloud. While IT professionals may have been thinking cloud and planning for it for a few years, this year really marked a shift into action. This round-up of the year’s best cloud-related columns offers sound advice from industry thought leaders from Intel, Savvis, ViaWest and many others. Read More

WAN Technologies Help Data Centers Grow and Evolve


WAN technologies continue to evolve as more bandwidth, better underlying infrastructure and optimization all create a more robust connection. As more organizations move to the cloud, they will increase their reliance on data center availability and technologies. Read More

CloudVelocity Debuts Its Cloud Cloning Software


Hybrid deployments that combine public clouds with on-premises data centers are emerging as the sweet spot in enterprise cloud computing. CloudVelocity, which launched today, is offering tools to help automate these hybrid clouds and set them in motion. Read More

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