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Startup Ajubeo Aims to Build CIO-Centric Cloud


Ajubeo is a cloud computing provider launching today that seeks to bring together enterprise hardware, software and networking technology packaged for either direct sales to end users or as a private-label Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud platform. Read More

Cloud Hosting Buyer’s Guide

With the proliferation of cloud service providers over the last few years, organizations are no longer asking whether a cloud solution is appropriate for them, but rather, which cloud solution is. Selecting the right cloud solution requires thorough analysis into the level of security, control, customization and support your business requires. Read More

NVIDIA Unveils GPUs to Power Clouds


At the GPU Technology Conference, NVIDIA Corp. (NVDA) unveiled its cloud GPU technologies, based on the company’s new Kepler GPU architecture, which was designed for use in large-scale data centers. Read More

Rackspace Shares Decline on Earnings Report

Shares of Rackspace Hosting declined sharply today after the cloud computing provider’s earnings fell just short of analyst expectations. Shares of RAX were lower by about 12 percent, in early trading on the New York Stock Exchange. Read More

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