Big Data

Hadoop Summit Showcases Momentum, Partnerships

The innovation behind Hadoop-powered data processing and analysis has scored a number of headlines for big data, and momentum continues to grow for the open-source software elephant in the enterprise. Highlights from the Hadoop Summit 20012. Read More

EMC News: Facebook, VCE, Greenplum

With EMC World 2012 in full swing in Las Vegas, there is news of Facebook using 20 petabytes of EMC storage, VCE announcing new capabilities, and a Greenplum conference for big data science happening next door to EMC World. Read More

MapR Open Distribution for Hadoop Released

MapR Technologies announced a Hadoop distribution today, which opens up Hadoop by allowing users to leverage a broad array of standard commands, tools and applications. MapR also recently became a member of the Open Data Center Alliance. Read More

GoGrid Tackles Big Data With Hybrid Hadoop Cloud

Cloud infrastructure company GoGrid wants to make it easier for customers to run “Big Data” analytic tools to leverage large datasets. Today it unveiled GoGrid Big Data Solution, a new offering that enables customers to use NoSQL database solutions like Hadoop. Read More