Big Data

Intel Outlines Tech for Mobile, HPC, Big Data

The immense amount of information at the 2012 Intel Developer Forum (IDF) last week was infused with a consummate amount of geekiness, and encompasses a broad spectrum of research, markets and products. Here’s a couple of highlights: Wireless Opportunities Intel CTO Justin Rattner provided the keynote for the last day… Read More

The Internet of Things: A Boom for Hosting


The “Internet of Things” will transform the hosting and data center industries, generating a tidal wave of data that will prompt companies to enlist third-party providers to help them manage it, according to analyst Rachel Chalmers. Read More

The Big Data Battleground: Analyzing the Big Picture

Rows of Teradata units inside the Apple data center in North Carolina. (Photo: Apple)

Big data management is a booming industry, with more than $10 billion being pumped into solutions only dealing with challenges around big data. There have already been some major players identified in the community, both from the private industry and the open-source sector. Read More

Nutanix Brings SAN-free Data Center, Raises $33 Million


Nutanix has built a compute and storage infrastructure for implementing enterprise-class virtualization without complex and expensive external network storage (like a SAN or NAS). Last week Nutanix raised a new round of financing, led by current investors and joined by a few new ones. Read More

As a Buzzword, “Big Data” Gets Even Bigger

The New York Times examines how buzzwords like “Big Data” – and “cloud computing” before it – can catch on and inject existing technologies with larger cultural relevance. Whether you love these buzzwords or roll your eyes every time you hear them, the Times article is an interesting exploration of the intersection of language, marketing and technology. Read More

Hadoop Summit Showcases Momentum, Partnerships

The innovation behind Hadoop-powered data processing and analysis has scored a number of headlines for big data, and momentum continues to grow for the open-source software elephant in the enterprise. Highlights from the Hadoop Summit 20012. Read More

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