Big Data

IBM Watson Could be Offered as Technology as a Service

The IBM Watson supercomputer.

IBM Watson – a cognitive computer – starred on Jeopardy! a few years ago. Today, IBM is experimenting with offering a way to reach Watson through a cloud service, and recently asked USC students for creative ways to apply Watson to business and social challenges. Read More

sqrrl Making NSA’s Big Data Analytics More Accessible


Cambridge-based sqrll is a big data company that makes an enterprise grade edition of the Apache Accumulo, a NoSQL database originally developed by the National Security Agency and now available to others as an open source software project via the Apache Foundation. Read More

Dell, Teradata, Brocade Focus on Healthcare Tech

The healthcare industry is increasingly looking to IT vendors to help them manage the influx of patient data, as well as the shift to electronic health records. Dell, Teradata and Brocade all unveiled news announcements at this week’s 2013 Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Conference. Read More

BigData Top 100 Will Rank Data-Crunching Applications


The “big data” community will get a global ranking system for data applications. The BigData Top 100 will create a counterpart to the Top500, the supercomputing rankings that have generated enormous interest in high performance. Charter members of the group include Facebook and Google. Read More

HP, Dell Announce New Big Data Analytics Solutions


It’s a hot week for news from “big data” technologies. HP announced new offerings that enable organizations to gain security intelligence from large data sets, while Dell announced the latest release of its Kitenga Analytics solution. Read More

Intel Enters the Hadoop Software Market


The market for Hadoop software continues to attract new players. Intel (INTC) announced the availability of its Distribution for Apache Hadoop, including new management tools. More than 20 partners announced support for Intel’s Hadoop offering, including Cisco, Red Hat, Cray and Supermicro. Read More

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