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Microsoft Brings Windows Azure Cloud to China

The Windows Azure public cloud is coming to China. Microsoft has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the municipality of Shanghai, and signed agreement to license Microsoft technologies to 21Vianet, who will offer Azure in China out of local data centers. Read More

Colo Near the Kremlin: Telehouse Expands Into Moscow

Colocation and interconnection specialist Telehouse is the first global data center brand to establish a facility in Moscow, the company said this week. Telehouse Russia is the company’s 45th global data center, and its first in Russia. The facility is opening in partnership with a local colo operator named Dataspace,… Read More

New York Data Centers Battle Back from Storm Damage

As Thursday dawned on lower Manhattan, the city’s battered data centers continued their recovery efforts. Wednesday was a day of fast-moving events, as some facilities that were down came up, and some that were up went down. Several of the hardest-hit facilities were hoping to be back in action Thursday. Read More

Generators Keep NJ Data Centers Humming

While data centers in New York were struggling with water damage and utility outages in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, the situation was much better in New Jersey, where many facilities switched to generator power but remained online. Here’s a roundup of how some data center providers in New Jersey fared with Sandy’s disruptive visit. Read More

Massive Flooding Damages Several NYC Data Centers

Flooding from Hurricane Sandy has hobbled two data center buildings in Lower Manhattan, taking out diesel fuel pumps used to refuel generators. There were also reports of outages for some tenants at a major data hub at 111 8th Avenue, and many other New York area facilities were running on generator power amid widespread utility outages. Read More

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