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IBM Announces Data Centers in Pacific Rim

IBM today announced plans to build a new $58 million US data center in Auckland, New Zealand. The project is one of three new facilities in Asia for IBM, which is also building a new data center in Seoul, South Korea and a cloud computing lab in Hong Kong. Read More

European Data Center Revenue May Double

A report published by Tariff Consultancy Ltd notes that European data centre revenue is “set to more than double over the five year period from 2010 to 2015, with net raised floor space to increase by 70%, driven primarily by price increases.” Read More

Video Tour: Telecity Powergate Data Center

Here’s a video tour of the Telecity Group’s Powergate data center, the newest of eight data centres the company operates in the London market. Powergate can support power densities of up to 20 kW a rack, and is backed by 12 diesel generators. Read More

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