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Digital Realty Ready to Build in Melbourne

Digital Realty Trust continues its expansion into the Asia-Pacific data center market. Today the company said its has completed the acquisition of a development site in Melbourne, Australia where it plans to build six of its wholesale data center “pods.” Read More

Sabey, Dell Earn Approvals for Generators in Quincy

Recent construction on the Sabey  Intergate.Quincy campus in Quincy, Washington (Photo: Sabey Corp.)

Sabey Corp. has received approval from state regulators to install up to 44 diesel generators to supply critical back-up power for its new data center campus in Quincy, Washington. The approval comes three weeks after the state issued a similar permit to Dell. Read More

Regulations a Barrier to Cloud Growth in Europe

Europe needs to become not only cloud-friendly but cloud-active to fully realize the benefits of cloud computing. That’s the view of ETNO (The European Telecommunications Network Operator‘s Association) in a recently-issued paper on cloud computing development in Europe. Read More

WashPost Profiles Ashburn ‘Data Center Alley’

The Washington Post has a story this morning about the concentration of data centers in Ashburn, Virginia. We have written about Ashburn’s “data center alley” on many occasions, but the Post story includes some numbers that will be of interest to DCK readers. Read More

NY Data Centers Prep for Hurricane, Storm Surge

Satellite imagery of Hurricane Irene as it makes its way past Florida and up the Eastern Seaboard.

As New York City begins evacuating residents from low-lying area ahead of Hurricane Irene, the region’s data center facilities are making preparations to continue operating throughout high winds and possible flooding from a storm surge. Meanwhile, residents are having trouble accessing online info about evacuation zones. Read More

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