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Chicago Data Centers in the Spotlight

Chicago’s data center sector was in the spotlight this weekend when it was featured in the Chicago Sun-Times, which highlighted the area’s lack of natural disasters as a key attraction for IT companies looking to store data, as well as the growth of Chicago-area hosting providers. Read More

New Bill Would Extend Washington State Tax Cuts

Buoyed by a surge in data center construction, backers of tax breaks for data center projects in central Washington are now pushing to extend those incentives through 2023. Microsoft, Yahoo, Sabey and Dell have all begun new data center construction since the tax breaks initial passage last March. Read More

QTS Expands Jersey City Data Center

QTS (Quality Technology Services) will upgrade the power, raised-floor space and connectivity at the company’s data center in Jersey City, N.J., the company said today. The upgrade will add more than 5 megawatts of power and 50,000 square feet of raised floor space. Read More

Dublin Emerges as Cloud Computing Hub

Ireland has emerged as a key hub for the growth of cloud computing, hosting huge data centers powering the global cloud operations for two of the largest players in the sector, and Microsoft. Read More

Japan May Prioritize Power for Data Centers

Equinix has arranged for priority deliveries of diesel fuel to ensure that its two data centers in Tokyo can continue operating through planned utility blackouts. The colocation company said Tuesday that the Japanese government is working to ensure that data centers have power so that communications services remain available across the nation. Read More

Japan Quake: Multiple Undersea Cables Damaged

Early reports that indicated only limited damage to the many submarine telecom cables near Japan apparently were overly optimistic. A new assessment from telecom research firm TeleGeography indicates that at least five cables have sustained damage between Tokyo and Sendai. Read More

Major Tokyo Data Centers Fuel Up for Blackouts

Major data centers in Tokyo say they are undamaged and ready to continue operating, even if they lose utility power due to a program of rolling blackouts. Equinix (EQIX) says it has topped off its tanks of diesel fuel to maintain operations even if it loses utility power. Read More

Roundup: LayeredTech, Emerson, RightScale

Layered Tech selected by Model N for SaaS hosting, Emerson Network Power to design six data centers in India for Datacraft, RightScale expands Asia-Pacific operations, Riverbed selected by Khaleej Times in United Arab Emirates. Read More

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