AT&T Will Use Bloom Boxes in Data Centers

Telecommunications giant AT&T will install Bloom Energy fuel cells at 11 sites in California, including some of the companies’ data centers and network facilities. The company will use Bloom Energy Servers – known as “Bloom boxes” – to supply 7.5 megawatts of power at its properties.
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Power Monitoring for Modern Data Centers

Modern data center power monitoring systems look nothing like the basic electricity meters from which they evolved. Today’s systems comprise sophisticated metering devices, communication networks and software. This brief white paper from Schneider Electric looks at the evolution of the data center monitoring systems and outlines several key guidelines for deployment. Read More

Criminals, Critters Cause Utility Outages

Squirrels, ospreys, marijuana farms and incompetent criminals were among the culprits in unusual power outages over the past years, according to Eaton Corp., whose Blackout Tracker has identified some offbeat causes of utility downtime. Read More

Transphorm Targets Data Center Power Losses

Data center operators have spent years working on ways to reduce energy losses during power conversions as electricity makes its way from the utility grid to the servers. Stealthy startup Transphorm is attacking this problem, with backing from Google Ventures. Read More

Improvisation in Commissioning

Testing and commissioning a data center in Saudi Arabia requires some improvization, as shown by Alinma Bank, which recently earned Tier Three certification for its new facility in Riyadh. Read More

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